A Guide to Cannabis Edibles 

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Edibles 

Cannabis-infused edibles have been around for decades, but as the number of states to legalize weed continues to grow, so do the breadth of products and range of potencies available. It’s never been easier to experiment with edibles, but before taking your first bite—or sip—there are a few things beginners should know about consuming cannabis edibles.    


What Are Cannabis Edibles? 


At their most basic, cannabis edibles are any food product with cannabinoids and are generally used to refer to products that contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabis-infused edibles have grown up considerably from the homemade pot brownies of the past. Today, cannabis edibles include a wide range of products from classics like baked goods to savory snacks to candies to beverages. It’s even common to find popular foodstuffs like peanut butter, sugar, and flour infused with cannabis at your local dispensary.  


Why Are Edibles So Popular?   


There’s a lot to like about edibles, especially for new cannabis users or those coming back to cannabis after a long break. Cannabis-infused edibles are easy and intuitive to consume, don’t require any extra equipment (like a bong or pipe), and are discreet (there’s no smoke or distinctive smell. Additionally, cannabis smoke or vapor is irritating to some users, not to mention the negative health effects associated with smoking.      


Another benefit edibles offer to new cannabis consumers is that they make it easy to regulate dosage. The strength of the edibles purchased at a dispensary is clearly presented on their label and shows users the amount of THC (and/or CBD) they contain, generally presented in milligrams. This makes it easy for users to manage how much cannabis they’re consuming and avoid going overboard, especially when they’re just getting started.  


How Edibles Are Different from Kinds Types of Cannabis Consumption? 


Edibles hit differently than smoking weed, as ingesting and inhaling provide two different effects. Both types of cannabis consumption produce a psychoactive high, however, edibles take longer to kick in and deliver a more prolonged effect when compared to smoking or vaping.  


How Long Does It Take for Edibles to Take Effect? 


Because cannabis-infused edibles need longer to take effect, properly dosing them is tricky. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours to experience the psychoactive high from an edible—the high from liquid edibles is generally felt faster (between 15 minutes and 45 minutes) than edibles that are eaten (which can take as long as two hours to take effect).  


Another factor that complicates dosing is that the time it takes to feel the effect of cannabis edibles varies from person to person. For example, everything from a person’s metabolic rate to whether they have a full or empty stomach will impact how long it takes to feel the effect of an edible. A good guideline for everyone from new users to seasoned stoners is to wait at least two hours after consuming an edible to have another one. An even safer strategy to avoid overdoing it on edibles is to stick to a single dose per 12- or 24-hour period.    


How Long Does the Effect of Edibles Last? 


Edibles can produce a sustained effect and while the high will peak in the first few hours after consumption, it’s common for users to feel their effects for up to 6-8 hours with residual effects lasting as long as a day. Because cannabis edibles can produce such lasting effects, it’s a good idea to clear your calendar and allow for some time for them to work through your system. 


How to Have an Awesome Experience with Edibles 


Horror stories about edibles are common, but don’t let them deter you from having an amazing time with edibles. Overconsuming is the main way users get in over their heads on edibles and this is easily avoided by taking a cautious approach. Before eating an edible, know exactly the dose you’re eating (or drinking) and allow for plenty of time—two hours minimum—before taking another dose. Remember, you can always consume more cannabis, but you can’t un-ingest it.  


What to Do If You Over Consume Edibles 


The good news is that no one has ever died from a cannabis overdose! Overconsumption is a bad time, but you’ll survive. If you do overindulge, try to stay calm and remember that the feeling will eventually pass—trying to sleep it off is a favorite strategy, as well as listening to soothing music or watching a favorite movie or television show.  


Drinking a glass of water, or another (non-alcoholic) beverage, can help combat the dry mouth that commonly accompanies an edible, and will also give you something to focus on other than just how high you are.  


Plant Dispensary 


Plant Dispensary can help you find the right edible for you based on your lifestyle, tolerance,  and desired experience—whether it’s getting pumped up for a night out or calming down for a relaxing night in. Plant’s budtenders can also offer advice for everything from getting started on edibles to deciphering doses to particular products—helping you to take the guesswork out of cannabis edibles. 

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