A Guide to Cannabis Pre-Rolls

What You Need to Know About Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Joints remain a popular way to consume cannabis among everyone from those just starting out to seasoned stoners. Pre-rolled joints, simply called pre-rolls, are an alternative to rolling your own and a convenient option for those who enjoy smoking jays, but not the hassle and mess of making them.   


What is a Pre-Roll? 


A pre-roll is simply a joint that has been pre-prepared and is not all that different from one that you would roll on your own. As more and more people discover the benefits of pre-rolls, the breadth of their offerings grows, with pre-rolls now available in a wide variety of price ranges, strains, sizes, and strengths. Stop into your local dispensary and you’re likely to discover pre-rolls sold both individually or in packs.   


Parts of a Pre-Roll 


Pre-rolls generally consist of three parts: wrap, crutch, and fill. What’s of most interest to most smokers is what a pre-roll is filled with, particularly since the fill is hidden underneath the wrapper. Generally, you’ll find three types of cannabis inside a pre-roll:  


  • Buds are the key ingredient in a pre-roll—the more bud in a pre-roll, the higher its quality. This is the part of the cannabis plant that gets you high and smells great.   

  • Shake is the small bits of flower that fall off buds as they’re harvested or packaged. 


  • Trim is the plant matter—leaves, stems, and seeds—that’s cut away from buds after harvesting and is lower in THC (the high-producing chemical compound) and harsher to smoke than buds or shake.  


With the growth of legal cannabis, the quality of pre-rolls has increased while their price has decreased. Today, most pre-rolls are made using high-quality flower to deliver the desired effect without harsh smoke.  


Types of Flower Found in Pre-Rolls 


Numerous factors contribute to the effects of a pre-roll, but the strain of flower used is one of the primary influencers. Cannabis strains are typically divided into three categories—indica, sativa, and hybrid—and each possesses its own unique characteristics.  


  • Indica is known for producing calm, relaxing feelings and delivering more of a body buzz than a head high. The mellowing effect of indica makes it a favorite for chill nights in watching a movie or listening to music. Because indica can have a sedating effect, it’s sometimes jokingly referred to as “in da couch.” 


  • Sativa has a reputation for having an energizing effect, imparting a euphoric feeling, and providing more of a head high. Sativa strains are a good choice for daytime, physical activities, and doing anything that requires focus.  


  • Hybrids contain the genetics of both indica and sativa strains. They provide the best of both worlds and are commonly thought to deliver a relaxing-yet-energetic high. The effects of a hybrid are often determined by their lineage and most strains are labeled as either indica- or sativa-dominant.  


Infused Pre-Rolls 


Most pre-rolls are made using just three ingredients, however, infused pre-rolls also contain other materials such as concentrates like shatter, wax, oil, and kief. Infusing pre-rolls with extracts ups their potency, making them a favorite of smokers with high tolerance to THC but are best steered clear of by beginners.  


Why People Love Pre-Rolls 


Pre-rolls continue to hold a favored place among all types of smokers thanks to their numerous benefits, such as:  


  • Time-saving: rolling your own joints is time-consuming, especially if you’re not proficient at it 


  • Less mess: rolling a joint is often messy and pre-rolls provide a much cleaner alternative 

  • More cost-effective: not only is rolling a joint sometimes a messy operation, but it can also lead to a significant amount of waste 

  • Convenient: pre-rolled joints don’t require any accessories, with the exception of a lighter—there’s no need for bongs, vapes, or pipes  

  • Portable: pre-rolls are small and easy to transport, which makes it easy to take them with you wherever you go (provided cannabis is legal there) 

  • Discreet: pre-rolls don’t look all that different from an old-fashioned cigarette, which makes them a relatively discreet method for consuming cannabis  


Pre-rolls provide smokers with a wide variety of product options, which allows them to try everything from different strains of cannabis to different types of pre-rolls, like pre-rolled blunts.  


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