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  Shedding the Stoner Stereotype

Outdated Preconceptions About Cannabis Users The common stereotype of cannabis consumers being young, lazy, unmotivated individuals on the fringes of society has perpetuated itself for

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What is a Budtender?

Grow a Career in Cannabis as a Budtender Budtenders—a play on the words “bud” and “bartender”—hold an essential position in the cannabis industry. Budtenders work

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The Rise of Pre-Roll Joints

Why Pre-Roll Joints are So Popular  While it seems that the number of ways to consume cannabis is ever-growing—from edibles to vapes to concentrates—the classic

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How to Roll a Joint 

A Guide to Rolling a Joint  Smoking joints remains one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis—they’re social, convenient, and easily disposable. Despite the

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A Guide to Cannabis Edibles 

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Edibles Cannabis-infused edibles have been around for decades, but as the number of states to legalize weed continues

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