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A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Concentrates 

What You Need to Know About Cannabis Concentrates 

Cannabis concentrates—also called cannabis extracts—are an increasingly popular product, thanks to their rich flavor and potency. Concentrates generally have THC levels around 50%, but they can creep as high as 90%. Consumers are also attracted to the wide variety of different types of concentrates available, along with the multiple ways to consume concentrates, ranging from alone to infused in a joint to an ingredient in an edible.   


What are Concentrates? 


Cannabis concentrates are made by isolating the active ingredients in cannabis (most notably, cannabinoids and terpenes) from excess plant material. Cannabinoids and terpenes are responsible for the effects, aroma, and flavors produced by a cannabis product—and in their concentrated form, produce a product that is very potent, extremely aromatic, and rich in flavor. 


Different Kinds of Cannabis Concentrates 


Keeping track of the numerous types of cannabis concentrates is hard for even seasoned stoners; there is a multitude of products that go by different names and are consumed in various ways. That said, cannabis concentrates are most commonly broken down into two groups: concentrates created without using a solvent (solventless) and those extracted using solvents.  


  • Solventless extracts do not use any additives to separate active ingredients from plant matter; rather, they rely on the use of pressure, temperature, and agitation and produce a comparatively less-refined product with more plant matter left behind. 


  • Solvent extracts, as their name implies, use a solvent to separate the active ingredients in cannabis from plant matter, producing extremely pure substances with a minimal amount of plant material remaining.  


Adding more complexity to the understanding of concentrates is that they can further be broken down into subsets of extraction.  


Solventless Cannabis Extracts  


There are three primary subsets of solventless cannabis extracts: water extracted, mechanically separated, and sifted.  


Water Extracted Cannabis Concentrates  


Bubble hash, ice hash, and ice wax are names given to products made using water extraction. Bubble hash is made using ice water and a series of bags (called bubble bags) or screens which are used to separate plant material from the valuable trichomes, the part of the plant that contains terpenes and cannabinoids. The quality of ice hash is commonly determined by how well it melts and is often ranked on a scale of one to six, with six (full melt) considered the highest quality bubble hash.  


Mechanical Concentrates  


Rosin is made using a combination of heat and pressure. The resulting product is a sticky golden oil with the consistency of tree sap. Rosin is prized for its rich flavor and pleasant aroma, although it’s typically less potent than other types of concentrates. Many consumers appreciate that no chemicals are used in its creation.  


Sifted Concentrates  


Kief is a powdery and somewhat sticky substance that looks a lot like pollen. Kief is made by running dry cannabis buds through a series of screens or sieves. Kief is also commonly collected in grinders, which are typically equipped with a separate chamber called a kief catcher. A popular use for kief is to add extra potency to flower by sprinkling it on top of a bowl (called crowning a bowl) or adding it to a joint, known as twax. 


Solvent Concentrates

There are two primary subsets of solvent cannabis extracts: CO2 extracts and hydrocarbon extracts.  


CO2 Extracts  


CO2 extract is best known for producing CO2 oil—typically a viscous golden liquid treasured for its potency and flavor and most commonly used in vape cartridges. However, CO2 oil can also come in other consistencies, such as shatter, crumble, and wax. CO2 extracts are made by using pressure and carbon dioxide to separate valuable compounds—like terpenes and cannabinoids—from plant material.  


Hydrocarbon Extracts 


Hydrocarbon extracts typically use butane or propane as a solvent to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from plant matter. Some consumers are turned off by the use of hydrocarbons, but it’s worth noting that they’ve been used in food extraction for decades and are also used to produce a variety of flavorings and colorings. Hydrocarbon extracts take the form of a broad spectrum of products, largely named after the consistency of the final product, such as: 


  • Shatter is a gold- or amber-colored product with a glass-like consistency that tends to crack or shatter when broken apart.  


  • Crumble is a soft, brittle substance usually yellow in color; named because it crumbles easily. 


  • Wax goes by many names, including budder, badder, and sugar. As its name implies, it has a soft, malleable consistency that resembles wax. 


  • Sauce is different from other hydrocarbon extracts; it contains two parts and possesses cannabinoid-rich crystals floating in terpene-rich oil to create an exceptionally potent and flavorful product. 


How to Enjoy Cannabis Concentrates 


Just as there’s an abundance of different cannabis concentrates, there are also a wide variety of ways to enjoy them, including dabbing, vaping, and baking them into edibles. They’re also commonly used to increase the potency of another cannabis product, such as being infused in a joint or added to a bowl.  


Use Caution with Concentrates 


The popular mantra about consuming cannabis, start low and go slow, applies particularly well to concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are powerful and it’s a good idea to start with a small amount and gradually increase consumption until you reach the desired effect. Remember, you can always consume more cannabis, but you can’t un-consume it.  


Plant Dispensary  


Whether you’re looking for some flower to collect your own kief or some super-powerful sauce, Plant Dispensary has you covered. Plant stocks a large variety of both solvent and solventless concentrates and a broad spectrum of products—from vapes and dabs to concentrate-infused pre-rolls. Not sure what you’re looking for? Still confused by the huge number of concentrates available? Stop into Plant Dispensary and have one of our experienced budtenders guide you through our selection of cannabis concentrates.



  Shedding the Stoner Stereotype

Outdated Preconceptions About Cannabis Users 

The common stereotype of cannabis consumers being young, lazy, unmotivated individuals on the fringes of society has perpetuated itself for decades—from the tie-dyed dead heads of the 1960s to today’s video game dropouts living in their parents’ basements. Stereotypes about cannabis users persist, but many of these preconceptions were untrue from the start and poorly portray today’s diverse group of cannabis consumers. It’s time to retire these “stoner” stereotypes.  


The Stereotypical Stoner 


The word “stoner” isn’t simply slang from cannabis culture you’ll only find in back issues of High Times—the idea is mainstream. It even appears in the dictionary. Per the Britannica Dictionary:  


  • Definition: a person who uses drugs frequently : a person who is often stoned on drugs (such as marijuana) 

  • Example: The movie’s a comedy about a couple of stoners. 


In fact, it’s in movies that many stereotypes of cannabis users have been created and preserved. For example, the weed-infused, counterculture-inspired adventures of Cheech and Chong in the 1970s gave way to the 1980s Fast Times at Ridgemont High’s stoned surfer Spicoli, who paved the way for 1990s The Big Lebowski’s unemployed, robe-wearing, weed-smoking protagonist “the Dude,” which comes full circle to the 2000s Cheech and Chong-influenced stoner buddy comedies like Pineapple Express and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.  


The Modern Cannabis Consumer 


The issue with prior portrayals of cannabis users is that to some extent or another is that they no longer hold true as cannabis is becoming increasingly ingrained in everyday culture. Recreational cannabis is now legal in 19 states and Washington, D.C. According to Gallup—the well-known research and polling organization—a record-high 68% of U.S. adults believe marijuana should be legal. In August 2022, for the first time in Gallup polling, more Americans said they smoked weed than had a cigarette.  


With more and more “regular” people consuming cannabis, it’s time to reevaluate how we think about cannabis users.  


Five “Stoner” Stereotypes That Have to Go 

1. They’re Lazy  


The belief that stoners are lazy do-nothings who just hang around all day is a far cry from the truth. Some of the world’s most successful and famous people have been known to consume cannabis from time to time. More so, you’ll find cannabis enthusiasts among the icons of seemingly every field. For example, business magnates like Bill Gates and Richard Branson, authors such as Hunter S. Thompson and Steven King, actors like Woody Harrelson and Morgan Freeman, musicians like Snoop Dogg and Rihanna, and scientists like Carl Sagan are all known cannabis users. Even former U.S. President Barack Obama admitted to smoking pot as a kid.  


2. They’re Stupid  


It’s not just that cannabis consumers are often portrayed as unmotivated layabouts, they’re also commonly depicted as uneducated, or worse, unintelligent. While many believe that the vocabulary of cannabis consumers is limited to one-symbol words that are the staple of skate and surf culture—like “bro,” “man,” and “dude”—they are often actually highly intelligent people who have reached the pinnacle of their field. The average cannabis user is likely college educated and just as likely to work as CEOs as they are working in a coffee shop or dispensary.  


3. They’re Confined to the Couch  


The slouched-over stoner parked on the couch doesn’t capture the reality that many cannabis consumers are active. Numerous people enjoy nothing more than combining cannabis with their favorite activities, such as going for a hike or taking a yoga class. In fact, some of the world’s best athletes consume cannabis. For example, Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, MMA legend Conor McGregor, NBA all-time scoring leader Kareem Abdul Jabar, and Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams are among the many notable athletes known to smoke weed.  


4. They Live on Junk Food 


Thanks to the ever-growing ranks of delicious edibles and the occasional bout of the munchies, it’s easy to think cannabis lovers live on pizza, fast food, and convenience store staples like chips, candy, and cookies. That said, the diet of most stoners is similar to that of everyone else. In fact, the fusion of high cuisine with cannabis is becoming increasingly common as more and more states legalize weed.  


5. They’re Criminals 


One of the ugliest stereotypes about cannabis users is that they’re all criminals. The trope dates back to the misinformation spread about cannabis in the 1930s through media such as the film Reefer Madness, which linked cannabis with everything from a hit-and-run accident to manslaughter to suicide to hallucinations and descent into madness. According to one study, the average cannabis consumer earns more than $50,000 a year in wages, on par with the median U.S. salary. The fact is, while the average cannabis consumer might steal the last Oreo, they’re probably not stealing your television.  


Stopping the Stigma of Cannabis  


You can’t pigeonhole today’s cannabis consumers—they encompass a broad spectrum of people from all genders, ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. Plant Dispensary is an advocate for ending the negative stereotypes associated with cannabis and is working to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone in cannabis culture. Our dispensary is home to a range of products that are sure to appeal to all types of users. Not sure what you’re in the market for? You’ll get no judgment from us. What you will get is expert assistance from one of our experienced budtenders. 

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The Rise of Pre-Roll Joints

Why Pre-Roll Joints are So Popular 

While it seems that the number of ways to consume cannabis is ever-growing—from edibles to vapes to concentrates—the classic joint remains a favorite of everyone from seasoned stoners to new smokers. One factor for the continued popularity of joints is the advent and improvement of pre-rolls, which offer a handful of advantages over rolling your own.  


What is a Pre-Roll Joint? 


Pre-roll joints generally contain just three parts: cannabis, paper, and a crutch (also known as a filter). However, it’s becoming increasingly common to see pre-rolled joints infused with other cannabis products, such as kief or hash. The majority of pre-rolled joints are made using commercial-grade rolling machines, which ensures that the joints produced are consistent in form, shape, and fill.  


Overcoming an Image Problem  


For a long time, pre-rolled joints had an underwhelming reputation as cheap to make, convenient to consume, and hard to tell what they were filled with. Consequently, many consumers came to believe—and in some cases were right in thinking—that pre-rolls were made using a sub-premium product.  


Times have changed since the early days of pre-rolls as consumers have become better educated, demand has increased for high-quality products, and markets have become more competitive. Today, it’s easy to find premium pre-rolls using not just first-rate flower but also incorporating the use of high-end papers and concentrates (in the case of infused pre-rolls).  


It should come as no surprise, but as the quality of pre-rolls has improved, so has customer interest in them—in 2020, their sales grew by almost 50%. 


Five Benefits of Pre-Rolls   Everyone from new cannabis users to long-time weed smokers will find that pre-rolls offer a multitude of benefits over rolling your own joints. 

1. No Experience Necessary  

The most obvious advantage offered by pre-rolls is that they eliminate the need to know how to roll a joint. Rolling joints is tricky and can take time to master—even those who’ve been rolling for some time will struggle to make a joint better than a pre-roll.  

2. More Convenient  

Rolling joints is often both a nuisance and time-consuming. Don’t believe us? Legendary weed smoker Snoop Dogg employs someone just to roll for him. Rolling joints also requires a handful of supplies, such as a rolling tray, grinder, papers, and a crutch. Conversely, pre-rolls are good to go out of the package and all you need is a lighter.  


3. Less Mess 


It’s easy to make a mess while rolling a joint, especially when you’re first starting out. Whether it’s left-behind bits of herb or stray pieces of cardstock, rolling a joint creates a fair amount of waste. This is not a problem for pre-rolls, which are not only neater but more cost-effective, since no bud is left behind to fall on the carpet or kitchen table.  


4. Consistent Quality  


Because the production of most pre-rolls is automated, they’re incredibly consistent, particularly when compared to home-rolled joints. When you buy a pre-roll joint, you know exactly how much flower is in it, its strength, its strain, and its likely effects.  


5. Options Abound  


There are a ton of pre-rolls on the market now, which makes them perfect for experimenting with different products without having to commit to a big buy. Pre-rolls make it easy for smokers to sample everything from different strains to pot of varying potencies to infused joints. The wide variety of available pre-rolls even allows cannabis consumers to keep a couple of different types of weed on hand. For example, sativa-based strain pre-rolls for energetic daytime activities and indica-based pre-rolls for mellow nights unwinding at home.  


The Downside of Pre-Rolls  

For many immersed in cannabis culture, the process of rolling a joint is integral to the experience and rolling a good joint serves somewhat as an initiation ritual. It’s hard to argue that there’s something satisfying about doing things for yourself—although, just because you can buy pre-rolls, doesn’t mean you can’t also learn to roll your own joints.   


Plant Dispensary  


Plant Dispensary is a joint smoker’s paradise. From fresh flower and a wide range of wraps for rolling your own to premium pre-rolls, Plant has everything an herb appreciator desires. Not sure what you’re looking for? Our expert budtenders can help you find a product that meets your needs.