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Our mission is to provide consumers with the highest quality cannabis, the best variety at the most approachable prices.

Helping people live better lives through cannabis!

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Our friendly staff is available to answer any of your questions. Feel free to drop us a line with questions or stop by.

Our Products

Malibu Marsha

Hybrid | TAC: 26.59% | THC: 25.2%

by:  Bonsai


Its It

Hybrid | TAC: 23.18% | THC: 21.23%

by: Bonsai


Watermelon Soda

Hybrid | TAC: 22.96% | THC: 21.23%

by: Bonsai


Wet Betty

Hybrid | TAC: 23.36% | THC: 20.38%

by: Bonsai


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