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House of Cultivar

House of Cultivar’s  represents a vast variety of elite genetics that we have acquired, vetted, cataloged, and curated. Simply put, they represent the best of the best over the last 40 years of cannabis breeding. The balance of which has come through the process of pheno hunting, in which we germinate, sex, and flower seeds from a variety of different breeders and a large pool of genetics. During this process, we are on the hunt for the “unicorn” phenotypes that express outstanding characteristics in regards to terpene profiles, flavor, structure, effect, bag appeal, yield, and potency.

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We have a very complete product line consisting of a variety of brands that cater to different consumers. From affordable small bud to the highest quality manicured big buds. Concentrates, edibles, vapes all made with the ut most scientific methods and purity.

just Flowr Flower

Bonsai Flower

MariGold Concentrates

Lucys Edibles