The Rise of Pre-Roll Joints

Why Pre-Roll Joints are So Popular 

While it seems that the number of ways to consume cannabis is ever-growing—from edibles to vapes to concentrates—the classic joint remains a favorite of everyone from seasoned stoners to new smokers. One factor for the continued popularity of joints is the advent and improvement of pre-rolls, which offer a handful of advantages over rolling your own.  


What is a Pre-Roll Joint? 


Pre-roll joints generally contain just three parts: cannabis, paper, and a crutch (also known as a filter). However, it’s becoming increasingly common to see pre-rolled joints infused with other cannabis products, such as kief or hash. The majority of pre-rolled joints are made using commercial-grade rolling machines, which ensures that the joints produced are consistent in form, shape, and fill.  


Overcoming an Image Problem  


For a long time, pre-rolled joints had an underwhelming reputation as cheap to make, convenient to consume, and hard to tell what they were filled with. Consequently, many consumers came to believe—and in some cases were right in thinking—that pre-rolls were made using a sub-premium product.  


Times have changed since the early days of pre-rolls as consumers have become better educated, demand has increased for high-quality products, and markets have become more competitive. Today, it’s easy to find premium pre-rolls using not just first-rate flower but also incorporating the use of high-end papers and concentrates (in the case of infused pre-rolls).  


It should come as no surprise, but as the quality of pre-rolls has improved, so has customer interest in them—in 2020, their sales grew by almost 50%. 


Five Benefits of Pre-Rolls   Everyone from new cannabis users to long-time weed smokers will find that pre-rolls offer a multitude of benefits over rolling your own joints. 

1. No Experience Necessary  

The most obvious advantage offered by pre-rolls is that they eliminate the need to know how to roll a joint. Rolling joints is tricky and can take time to master—even those who’ve been rolling for some time will struggle to make a joint better than a pre-roll.  

2. More Convenient  

Rolling joints is often both a nuisance and time-consuming. Don’t believe us? Legendary weed smoker Snoop Dogg employs someone just to roll for him. Rolling joints also requires a handful of supplies, such as a rolling tray, grinder, papers, and a crutch. Conversely, pre-rolls are good to go out of the package and all you need is a lighter.  


3. Less Mess 


It’s easy to make a mess while rolling a joint, especially when you’re first starting out. Whether it’s left-behind bits of herb or stray pieces of cardstock, rolling a joint creates a fair amount of waste. This is not a problem for pre-rolls, which are not only neater but more cost-effective, since no bud is left behind to fall on the carpet or kitchen table.  


4. Consistent Quality  


Because the production of most pre-rolls is automated, they’re incredibly consistent, particularly when compared to home-rolled joints. When you buy a pre-roll joint, you know exactly how much flower is in it, its strength, its strain, and its likely effects.  


5. Options Abound  


There are a ton of pre-rolls on the market now, which makes them perfect for experimenting with different products without having to commit to a big buy. Pre-rolls make it easy for smokers to sample everything from different strains to pot of varying potencies to infused joints. The wide variety of available pre-rolls even allows cannabis consumers to keep a couple of different types of weed on hand. For example, sativa-based strain pre-rolls for energetic daytime activities and indica-based pre-rolls for mellow nights unwinding at home.  


The Downside of Pre-Rolls  

For many immersed in cannabis culture, the process of rolling a joint is integral to the experience and rolling a good joint serves somewhat as an initiation ritual. It’s hard to argue that there’s something satisfying about doing things for yourself—although, just because you can buy pre-rolls, doesn’t mean you can’t also learn to roll your own joints.   


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